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Register a Domain Name

Register .NET Domains

.NET is one of the first original top-level domains, officially released in the Web in 1985th. The .NET extension is under the management of VeriSign and can be registered through a number of ICANN-accredited registrars.

Low-cost UK Domain Registration

One of the most favored ccTLDs for registration recently is the .UK domain. This is a top level domain name that has quickly won popularity as the number of .UK Domain Registrations increases rapidly.

.INFO Domain Transfer

At first the .INFO domain names were intended to be used only for information related web sites, but that intention was quickly overruled. Now the INFO domain names can be requested by anyone as low as $11/year.

Reseller Hosting Services

Reliable Reseller Hosting

Economical reseller hosting prices. Start reselling reliable hosting packages (unlimited space/traffic/domains hosted) and also VPS hosting accounts and dedicated servers, domains and certificates under your reseller company name.

Best UK Hosting Reseller

Offer domain names, SSL certificates, virtual hosting solutions, dedicated hosting plans and unmetered Linux-based hosting packages under your reseller company name. Ground-level UK reseller hosting prices.

Private Label Reseller Hosting

Rock-bottom reseller hosting prices. Start reselling domains, SSL certificates, VPS services, dedicated server hosting packages and unlimited web hosting plans under your own reseller company name.

Shared Web Hosting

Personal Hosting Service

Lonex's unmetered personal hosting plan is priced at only $3.95/mo. Unlimited data storage and monthly bandwidth. Single domain hosting with a breeze domain and SSL management options.

Low-Priced Business Web Hosting

Host unlimited domains & sites under a single business website hosting account with Lonex - a reputable hosting and domain name registration services supplier.

Personal Web Hosting Mall

Unlimited disk storage & monthly traffic in a single personal website hosting account with Lonex - a reputable web hosting and domain registration provider.

Dedicated Web Servers

Dedicated Servers Reseller

A revolutionary reseller program for .IN domain names @ $11.50/year and dedicated servers from $125.00/month (monthly billing). No reseller accommodation required. No hidden charges/fees. Turnkey templates provided!

Dedicated Hosting Prices

Best hosting prices - wholesale shared hosting & dedicated servers! So whether you are looking for a provider for your personal hosting or to start a separate career - Resellers Panel.

Top Linux Dedicated Hosting

Linux is a most preferred choice for operating system on hosting server. It is free, reliable and highly resistant to hacker and abuse attacks.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

What Is VPS

Up until a couple of years ago, the sole means to obtain a functionality-rich hosting plan was to purchase a dedicated server. Virtual web hosting servers have swiftly come to be one of the most widely used web hosting solutions as they offer no-holds-barred performance at a affordable rate.

Unlimited VPS Hosting

It is a common practice among web hosting providers, to adopt the so-called "overselling" marketing policy. In some cases that policy is quite beneficial to both sides. However, there are certain types of web hosting services, where overselling is simply not an option.

VPS Hosting Servers

To fulfill the demand for cut-price, but reliable hosting services, companies launched a transitional hosting platform - the virtual server. This is a virtual simulation of a web server that is much more powerful than any shared web hosting plan.

Free Hosting Services

Free Hosting Services

We, at, want to show you that you can easily get your own website up & running in minutes, release yourself from the confines of your social networking site, and recommend you the best and reliable cheap hosting services to do that.

Free Joomla Web Hosting

Free hosting with Joomla pre-installed.Combined with FreeHostia's free web hosting plan, Joomla makes a great choice for your website and it only takes 5 minutes to get it online. FreeHostia offers Joomla pre-installed with their free hosting package.

Free PHP Hosting With MySQL

If you need a great free web hosting service, which could deliver excellent performance and many features, you may want to consider Free Hostia. They offer free Linux hosting with PHP/MySQL and plenty more features.